Automotive Voiceover Ads | Let’s Move Some Metal!

Automotive advertising requires a different approach from other kinds of commercials and demands a different set of skills. And I’m a different kind of automotive voice talent.

I’m someone...

  • Who knows how to deliver the message in your commercials and drive traffic to your lot
  • Who understands whether it’s new car sales or the service department that is the most profitable
  • Who can tell you the difference between an “up” and a “be back”
  • Who has extensive ownership experience with 15 different brands of vehicles.
  • Who has sold advertising to dealerships that got results

Whether your offer focuses on price, interest rates, incentives, or terms...your message will not only be heard but listened to.

Voiceover Characteristics

Gritty, twangy, smooth, fired-up, persuasive, relatable, hard-sell, or laid-back--whatever the read you need.

Email me at, call me at (904) 377-5636, or click on the Request a Quote button. Together, we’ll move some metal off the lot.

And, yes. I have a professional home studio and am ready to work on your project right away.

Over 25 years of professional experience recording voice overs.