Why You Should Warm Up Your Email


No, this doesn’t have anything to do with warm emails vs cold emails.

It applies when you use start using a brand new email address to prospect for business. Like when you set up a new email address for your new VO business, or go from a Gmail. com address to a address. But it’s also important to use an email warmer, even if you’ve been sending from the same email address for years. Continue reading “Why You Should Warm Up Your Email”

5 Tips for Picking a Voice Artist for Your Next Project

Have you been online recently? Short videos like Reels and TikTok have taken over the throne as far as what style of content reigns supreme. Some of our favorite short videos are ones with voiceovers (of course). Of course, you may be slightly camera shy, and that’s okay! Voice-over artists can help you create engaging and valuable content for your page. But do you know how to pick a voice talent for your content needs? If you’re wondering, “Where can I find a voiceover for my project?” we’re here to help! Check out these five ways to pick a voice artist for your next project. Continue reading “5 Tips for Picking a Voice Artist for Your Next Project”

The Pros and Cons of Creating an E-Learning Course

Online courses have become a popular method to distribute educational materials to people across various industries, nations, and languages. They have become a convenient way to study many different subjects and have helped close the educational gap. But e-learning courses aren’t just for traditional education. E-learning voice artists can benefit from e-learning courses as well. If you’re a voice artist with lots of education to share, consider making an e-learning course. Before you get started, learn what the pros and cons of e-learning course creation are so you don’t burn out. Continue reading “The Pros and Cons of Creating an E-Learning Course”

7 Kinds of Voice-Over Work

How much do you know about voice-over work? Where do you get started? We’re here to answer these questions and more by covering these 7 common types of voice-over work. 


Think about your favorite commercial right now. Is there a voice narrating? If so, you’re listening to a commercial voice-over artist. Different kinds of voice-over artists specialize in different kinds of projects, but commercial work is easily the most recognizable. Typically, the voice artist will be promoting a product or service in the form of an advertisement. This advertisement could be on TV, radio, web, or social and ranges from fifteen to sixty-second formats.  Continue reading “7 Kinds of Voice-Over Work”

How to Write a Corporate Narration That Inspires

Corporate narration is a broad term covering all the voice over services used internally and externally by a business. Internal examples include onboarding and training videos for new hires, while external examples include website and YouTube videos directed toward potential customers. Corporate narration needs a well-written script and a great voice to deliver your message. And when both of those things come together just right, your brand identity rises above the mundane and commonplace material that audiences expect from corporate narration and becomes something truly inspiring. Continue reading “How to Write a Corporate Narration That Inspires”

eLearning Course Development: The Complete Guide

Businesses and educators that resisted implementing eLearning as part of their training or curriculum before 2020 have probably been forced to after COVID changed the world. There is still an argument to be made that a sense of human connection is lost without in-person learning. However, you can quickly dispel that thinking after hearing an eLearning course narrated by a great voice actor. Hiring the right voice talent is essential to developing an eLearning course that will engage and inspire your audience and shouldn’t be overlooked. Continue reading “eLearning Course Development: The Complete Guide”

Why Use A Professional For Voice Over Work

The majority of advertising is carried out online these days, with a high percentage requiring video and voiceovers. But the last thing you want is to damage your brand with an amateur voiceover done for cheap; it’s better to invest in a professional service that can deliver the results you expect and help build your brand identity in the process. Continue reading “Why Use A Professional For Voice Over Work”

How To Find Talent For Your Videos

Video marketing is probably the most effective form of marketing these days, which means the competition for high-quality advertising videos is higher than ever. If you want your brand to compete with the best, you need to make the best choices for shooting videos.

Recruit Outside Talent

When you need voice-over professionals for professional videos, there’s a debate about hiring from the outside or inside. There are pros and cons to both situations, but it mostly depends on whether you have the talent within your organization. Continue reading “How To Find Talent For Your Videos”

How I Air Conditioned My VocalBooth® for $119.05

WARNING: The following contains graphic pictures of exposed duct work that may not be suitable for those who are sensitive to interior design or practice feng shui. This project also comes with the potential for a low spousal approval rating. Check with your significant other before proceeding.

Scorching temperatures, often over 100°F, have been reported across much of the US this summer. These unusually hot weather conditions have caught most of the country by surprise. Continue reading “How I Air Conditioned My VocalBooth® for $119.05”

5 Tips For Working From Home From Someone Who’s Done It For 5 Years

My son manages a team of remote tech support reps for Apple. They are mostly new hires and college students who are spread all over the US. Because his is a more traditional job than voiceover is, I asked him for his insights about best practices for working from home. Here’s what he said:

Continue reading “5 Tips For Working From Home From Someone Who’s Done It For 5 Years”


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