Medical Narration | 25+ years in voiceover. 24-48 hour turnarounds typical.

Medical specialists need a confident-sounding voice to help communicate their products, services, and techniques clearly and professionally.The problem is that medical narration is the most challenging kind of voiceover work. A medical narrator needs to exhibit confidence and fluency with medical terms in the English language as if they are a part of everyday speech.

That’s why I launched

I have 25 years of experience in voiceover and am comfortable with complex medical terms like systemic lupus erythematosus and nucleocytoplasmic transport.

I provide voiceover for all types of medical narration, including:

  • Patient how-to videos
  • Medical training and e-learning
  • Explainer videos for medical devices and healthcare products
  • Medical presentations
  • Pharmaceutical drug launches
  • After care videos
  • MOD and MOA animations
  • HCP Education, CME, and ISI

Your medical narration will be recorded using professional-grade equipment, giving you the highest quality audio on the market. All recordings are made in a double-walled isolation booth built to keep background noises from intruding into your audio.

What’s more, you will also receive your audio quickly.  Audio files are typically delivered within 24-48 hours.

When it comes to medical narration, my deep, warm voice is uniquely suited to provide you with the calm, reassuring, and convincing tone that is necessary for successfully communicating key information about your healthcare product, service, or technique.

And when the medical needs of your patients, doctors, and healthcare workers are met, you will have accomplished the very purpose for which you entered the healthcare industry—helping people get well.

Request a quote today and get the medical narration your product, service, or technique deserves.

I’m Greg Thomas, an established professional voice actor. Yes, my clients like my voice. But they love working with me because they get pristine audio, their projects arrive before deadline, and I don't bust their budget.

And, yes. I have a professional home studio and am ready to work on your project right away.

Over 25 years of professional experience recording voice overs.