About me

Greg Thomas, Voice Actor - The Deep, Warm Voice - Photo

For more than 20 years I’ve been voicing scripts to inform, sell, and persuade audiences in the US, Europe, and the Middle East. My deep, warm voice adds the emotional impact you want, and my on-time delivery gets your audio to you when you need it.

But you’ll get much more than just some guy with a deep voice. You’ll get an experienced, detail-oriented professional who knows how to take direction and read a script for maximum impact. Someone who will work with you when deadlines are looming. I’ll work hard to engage your audience, and make sure my services meet your expectations.

Get the voice you need, with the hassle-free service you want

My warm, resonant voice and my production studio make it easy for demanding audio, video, and eLearning professionals to get the voice they want, quickly and without production issues.

Your audio will always be recorded on high-quality equipment, using the latest technology. All recordings are made in a double-walled isolation booth built to keep background noises from intruding on your audio. You can get unprocessed audio or post-production quality audio; either one delivered in a variety of standard electronic formats. Most files are delivered within 24-48 hours.

And if a deep, warm voice isn’t the type you had in mind for your project, get in touch with me anyway. The voiceover industry is a small one, and I would be happy to recommend several excellent male and female voice talents who can give you the sound and delivery style you’re looking for. Several of them also record in foreign languages.

So why am I willing to recommend someone else for a job? Because my goal is to be a sustaining resource for your organization, not just another voice talent.

Reach out to discuss your next project!

And visit my voiceover services page to learn more about the types of services I provide.

Studio Snapshot

  • Professional Studio quality dry voice audio recorded in a 5 Carat Platinum Vocalbooth® with non-parallel walls for audibly superior sound.
  • Source Connect equipped
  • Access to external studios for ISDN
  • Skype and phone patch available for session direction
  • High-speed cable internet for fast uploads of your audio
  • Michael Joly, Blue, and Audio-Technica microphones
  • Yamaha and FocusRite preamps