7 Kinds of Voice-Over Work

How much do you know about voice-over work? Where do you get started? We’re here to answer these questions and more by covering these 7 common types of voice-over work. 


Think about your favorite commercial right now. Is there a voice narrating? If so, you’re listening to a commercial voice-over artist. Different kinds of voice-over artists specialize in different kinds of projects, but commercial work is easily the most recognizable. Typically, the voice artist will be promoting a product or service in the form of an advertisement. This advertisement could be on TV, radio, web, or social and ranges from fifteen to sixty-second formats. 


Promos are advertisements that specifically promote shows or segments in between these shows. If you’ve ever heard “Coming soon” or “This summer…” then you’ve definitely heard a promo voice artist. Different kinds of voice-overs are intended to evoke different emotions and a promotional voice-over artist is trying to evoke excitement and anticipation. Today, this type of voice-over artist is used for TV, film, YouTube channels, and more. 


Have you ever watched a documentary and let the soothing voice of someone like David Attenborough guide you through the Sahara or take you across many seas? Voice-over narration is when a voice narrates over images or motion pictures to help tell the story either from a character’s perspective or a third party. This style is often found in documentaries and docu-dramas.The purpose is to guide listeners through a story narrated aloud. We find it pretty relaxing.

Audio Book

In the past decade, audiobooks have become an extremely popular way to enjoy books. With easily accessible technology to both write, produce, and record books, the amount of audiobooks available seems endless. Some authors choose to narrate their own books, and for a brief moment in time become a voice talent. Others choose to seek out celebrities or celebrity voice-over artists. 


E-learning is a category of voice-over that many professionals thrive in. This style involves the actor working with instructional and educational content that can help students of all ages and from all walks of life. The content is recorded and can be used in phone apps, websites, corporate trainings, or even traditional educational institutions. Different kinds of voice-overs may be for pronunciations, narration of historical events, or lectures and readings. 

Video Game Characters

Probably the most flexible of all voice-over artists, video game artists create different voices and unique sounds for games. Big brands like Xbox, PlayStation, Mobile, and PC games utilize voice-over artists to create sounds for falling, getting hit, shouting, speaking, etc. There are nearly endless opportunities for video game voice-overs. 

Discover Your New Talent

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Author: Greg Thomas

Greg Thomas is a 25-year veteran of the voiceover industry who specializes in e-Learning, corporate narration, and commercials. e-Learning clients have reported that his narration increased the liveliness and interactivity quotient of their courses. His deep, warm voice has been heard on thousands of projects for clients in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East, including Verizon, Irwin Vice Grips, DuPont Pioneer, and the New York Red Bulls Soccer Team. He also has ILT experience as a classroom trainer for a Fortune 100 company, and understands first-hand the importance of keeping training engaging and interesting. His studio is approved by the World Voices Organization, a member-driven international association of voice actors. You can reach Greg at greg@DeepWarmVoice.com. He usually responds within 24 hours.


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