The Pros and Cons of Creating an E-Learning Course

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Online courses have become a popular method to distribute educational materials to people across various industries, nations, and languages. They have become a convenient way to study many different subjects and have helped close the educational gap. But e-learning courses aren’t just for traditional education. E-learning voice artists can benefit from e-learning courses as well. If you’re a voice artist with lots of education to share, consider making an e-learning course. Before you get started, learn what the pros and cons of e-learning course creation are so you don’t burn out.

What is an E-Course?

An e-course is an online course that is taught online rather than in-person. E-courses were quite popular even before the COVID-19 pandemic and still remain as a popular educational option for students from all walks of life. Many e-learning voice artists who utilize e-courses can benefit from these prerecorded courses. In addition to the pre-recorded material, e-learners can enjoy:

  • Live online sessions
  • Discussion boards
  • Assignments and projects
  • Breakout groups
  • Online membership communities

Pro: Course Content Can Easily Be Updated

As you can imagine, the art of voice-over acting is constantly evolving. This means that those who are either in the industry or looking to join the industry always have something new to learn. If you are an e-learning voice artist the appeal of an e-course is that it can easily be updated as needed so students have access to the most updated versions of your learnings.

Pro: Easy Access

The best part of e-learning voice artist online courses is that students can easily access your materials. While Internet access is needed to initially access the course, students should be able to download the materials to access offline. You can create downloadable PDF worksheets, lectures, and slides that they can use later when they may not have access to WiFi or if they want to strictly concentrate on studying.

Con: It Can be Time Consuming to Create

Creating an e-course as an e-learning voice artist is not so cut and dry. Educational materials need to be concise and comprehensive. The most up to date learnings need to be included and application. Not only do you need to put together the materials, but homework or applicable exercises need to be included as well. You want your students to be able to apply their learnings in a way that feels productive and that they can understand. This can be more challenging than you may anticipate.

Find Voice Artist Talent for Your E-Course

Greg Thomas is an experienced voice-over artist with years of experience in the industry. Visit Deep Warm Voice today so we can make your dream eLearning course a reality!

Author: Greg Thomas

Greg Thomas is a 25-year veteran of the voiceover industry who specializes in e-Learning, corporate narration, and commercials. e-Learning clients have reported that his narration increased the liveliness and interactivity quotient of their courses. His deep, warm voice has been heard on thousands of projects for clients in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East, including Verizon, Irwin Vice Grips, DuPont Pioneer, and the New York Red Bulls Soccer Team. He also has ILT experience as a classroom trainer for a Fortune 100 company, and understands first-hand the importance of keeping training engaging and interesting. His studio is approved by the World Voices Organization, a member-driven international association of voice actors. You can reach Greg at He usually responds within 24 hours.


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