eLearning Course Development: The Complete Guide

Businesses and educators that resisted implementing eLearning as part of their training or curriculum before 2020 have probably been forced to after COVID changed the world. There is still an argument to be made that a sense of human connection is lost without in-person learning. However, you can quickly dispel that thinking after hearing an eLearning course narrated by a great voice actor. Hiring the right voice talent is essential to developing an eLearning course that will engage and inspire your audience and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Of course, there are several other benefits of eLearning. The money it saves businesses by being able to have appropriate training material available whenever it is needed is one benefit. That it is easily accessible – especially in this time when remote work and at-home learning are growing in popularity – is another. An eLearning course is also suitable either as an effective supplement to in-person training, or can be the bulk of how your curriculum is delivered. Here is a complete yet simple guide to help you develop an eLearning course with value.

What Key Elements Make a Good eLearning Course?

Content is everything with eLearning, and it must be laid out in a way your students will understand and retain. You can think of the key elements as the bones before the flesh is added, and your online course becomes a full-fledged entity ready to be released into the world. The key elements are what will support all of the final touches – like your eLearning voice over, graphics, UX, etc. Before you begin fleshing out the finer details, ask yourself these questions:

What Are The Goals of My eLearning Course?

The most obvious answer is to teach students necessary information, but you should be broader than this. Ensure that you clearly outline the challenges to overcome with eLearning, what results you expect, and how they will propel students and your company toward the right goals.

A good eLearning course should be built on the training methods that have been used in the past and focus on engaging your audience today. With the former, you need to analyze what methods have been used to teach previously: what were their strengths and weaknesses? Your new eLearning system is an excellent opportunity to eliminate what didn’t work and improve upon what does.

You must craft your content and its presentation so that it aligns with societal norms to engage your students best. You have seen society change rapidly just in the last three years, so you undoubtedly have at least some inkling of how important this is. But this doesn’t mean only incorporating politically correct wording. Everything about your eLearning course should align with your mission statement or underlying ethics associated with the material.

Who is Your Audience, and How Do You Give Them Value Through Your eLearning Course?

Even more important than aligning with societal norms, you should ensure you have a clear understanding of exactly who your audience is. If you are creating onboarding and training materials, this is a little easier. You likely hire candidates who fit in well with your existing company culture, are professionals, and are interested in the products or services you offer. You must keep them engaged by providing value, especially if you have a varied audience of different backgrounds.

You will need to add assessments so students (and you) can see how much they are learning and retaining. Whichever eLearning voice over services you choose, ensure that the voice talent guides them smoothly from learning to quizzes, tests, and other assessment tools.

Value comes from many aspects of your eLearning course, not just how much they learn. Proper presentation of that information makes it easier for them to understand and retain it. This is one way that your eLearning voice over will enhance its value. A great voice actor uses their skills to hold your audience’s attention and deliver the content in an easily understandable manner.

What is the Best eLearning Software on the Market?

Many eLearning platforms are available to serve as a template for putting your content together and giving it a polished, professional look. The best depends on the answers when shaping the key elements of your eLearning course.

How do you Find the Best Voice Talent for your eLearning Course?

First, ask yourself if a female or male voiceover will best match the tone of your eLearning content. An excellent tip to remember is that subject matter, and the audience, should sway this decision. Female voice talent can impart a soft tone, while male voiceover artists will evoke more authority. You should imagine both genders speaking your script in your head to get a better idea of which eLearning voice-over best matches.

Not everyone is suited for voiceover work. It may be tempting to hire someone you know or who works cheaply, but many nuances and art are involved in producing high-quality work. Always choose a voice actor with experience in eLearning voice-over work as they will know best how to bring it to life. A great voice actor will also know where to add inflections, pause, speed up, and speak with more energy to improve your content in ways that you never thought about before.


Many choose a male voiceover professional because of the authoritative tone that audiences engage with. Greg Thomas at DeepWarmVoice.com may just be the voice talent you are looking for. He is a voice actor with a proven track record of captivating audiences from all walks of life. One area that Greg Thomas has extensive experience in is providing eLearning voice over services. Contact him today and set your eLearning course apart at DeepWarmVoice.com.

Author: Greg Thomas

Greg Thomas is a 25-year veteran of the voiceover industry who specializes in e-Learning, corporate narration, and commercials. e-Learning clients have reported that his narration increased the liveliness and interactivity quotient of their courses. His deep, warm voice has been heard on thousands of projects for clients in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East, including Verizon, Irwin Vice Grips, DuPont Pioneer, and the New York Red Bulls Soccer Team. He also has ILT experience as a classroom trainer for a Fortune 100 company, and understands first-hand the importance of keeping training engaging and interesting. His studio is approved by the World Voices Organization, a member-driven international association of voice actors. You can reach Greg at greg@DeepWarmVoice.com. He usually responds within 24 hours.


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